Our Foundress Maria Rose Kolumba Bialecka

Mother Maria Rose Kolumba Bialecka was born on August 23, 1838, as the second of three siblings, in eastern Poland. Endowed with many natural and supernatural gifts, she followed the dictate of her heart and at age nineteen entered the novitiate of the Dominican Sisters in Nancy, France to receive her religious formation. Shortly after making her first religious vows, she returned to Poland to lay foundation for the Congregation of Dominican Sisters in Poland. She met Father Julian Leszczyński who invited her to his parish to get the foundation of her congregation.

Aware of her countrymen’s needs, especially their poverty and illiteracy, she began her mission of charity by organizing a network of parochial schools where youngsters as well as adults, could learn to read and write and come to a better understanding and perception of their faith

Being open to the Holy Spirit, she recognized the needs of her countrymen during the Nineteenth Century by acknowledging the role of women in the active apostolate, such as preaching and teaching the Word of God. She sent Sisters out into the villages to reach out to the needy people and proclaim to them the Truth, the Word of God.

She reached out with her hand and heart to the poorest of society, the sick and dying and made a special effort to provide them with material help and sacramental assistance of the Church so their dignity could be restored and inevitably succumb reconciled with God.

In 1861, she opened the very first Dominican Convent on Polish soil and before she died in 1887, her young congregation had grown such in number that eventually more convents were established.

The Heart of Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar was her First Love, and in this Love, she dedicated her new congregation with all its Brides of Christ. This combination of Jesus in the Eucharist and love for the Immaculate Heart of Mary was the source, summit and staple for her newly founded congregation as it is for us today.