The Holy Eucharist is the center of our communal and personal life. For us, each day’s participation in the celebration of the Eucharist should be the result of a new happiness. (cf. Directressy 4) Daily community prayer includes: the holy sacrifice of the Mass, Liturgy of the Hours, such as: Office of Reading, Morning, Midday and Evening prayer, half-hour meditation of Sacred Scripture, daily spiritual reading, the rosary, and daily Eucharistic adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Each day is ended with a Night Prayer and “Hail O Star of Ocean” hymn.


The Sisters are expected to seek the imposingly high knowledge of God and learn to love Him in Divine Revelation, Sacred Scripture, and above all, the Gospel, meditate frequently regarding  the Constitutions and Statutes of the Congregation, since this is where the will of God is shown in a particular way. In addition, Veritas is the Dominican motto, and study enables us to search out and find the Truth of our times; Sisters then will eagerly make use of reading works of theology, religious literature helping each one to deepen her understanding of the Church’s teaching, live ever more deeply the Revealed Truth, as well as sharing it with others according to the motto of the Order: “Contemplata aliis tradere,” that is, pass on the fruits of contemplation.



In our charism we, also, have a strong community life, which gives us a strong spirit of joy. Our venerable Mother Foundress wrote: A sister called to mirror the three great features of Jesus Christ – poverty, chastity, and obedience- should also model the forth one…, namely, fraternal love. (Directressy) Mother Foundress desired the love of truth and of God’s will to lead us to unity. Our unity is visible in communal prayers, adorations, meals, recreations and apostolate. In every house, the daily horarium, which regulates the time of prayer, work, recollection, and relaxation, is adopted to the circumstances and type of apostolate. The external expression of our community is the fact that we wear habits all the time. Furthermore, death does not sever community bonds. The deceased Sisters always remain in our thoughts and prayers.


Our active Dominican’s life includes 3 major goals

  • The ministry of Education for: children, youth, and adults (Teaching the Truth of the Gospel and raising the level of education and culture)
  • The ministry of Health care (nursing homes, hospitals, home-bound visits, taking care of our elder sisters or working as nurses or doctors
  • The ministry for those who are most in need (this means bringing aid to the suffering).

At that point, our Constitutions state that: “ … in union with the Church in diverse circumstances, serve the people by helping them on the way to salvation in Catholic and missionary countries. Mindful of those in greatest need in various places and times, our Congregation will adapt its apostolic efforts to the demands of every environment. Depending upon the circumstances, the Congregation will embrace diverse groups of people and shaping our ministry according to their particular needs. The joy and hope, sadness and fear of the people of today become the joy and hope, sadness and fear of every sister.“ (#5)