Anniversary of Bl. Julia Rodzinska’s Beatification

Celebration of the Anniversary of Bl. Julia Rodzinska’s Beautification

On 12th June 2019 the Congregation of Sisters of St. Dominic in Krakow celebrated the 20th
anniversary of Bl. Julia Rodzinska’s beatification. Bl Julia was a sister of our Congregation who lived in the first half of the 20th century. She was known for living a humble, generous life, as a teacher with a heart for children and the poor. She died a heroic martyrdom, serving and bringing the light of the Gospel to others in the midst of great suffering, in the Stutthof Concentration Camp, in 1945.
The celebration began with Holy Mass at the Dominican Sisters’ General House in Krakow, attended by the Dominican Prior of Krakow, Fr. Peter Ciuba OP, the Sisters’ Chaplain Fr. Christopher Parol OP and the local Parish Priest.  Parish locals and a member of Bl. Julia’s family also attended. After Holy Mass, the aspirants, postulants and juniorate sisters performed a short musical sketch depicting highlights of Bl. Julia’s heroic life, which included real testimonies of her fellow camp prisoners. The celebration concluded with a celebratory dinner in her honor.

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