The second goal of our apostolate is to evangelize which means to improve the educational environment. Since the beginning of our Congregation, the Sisters have operated schools for children from poor backgrounds who could not afford public education. Also, we preach Christ when we organize and/or participate in retreats, days of recollection, prayer vigils and host Lenten retreats for children and adolescents.

The Church exists in order to bring the Gospel to every person in every age, wherever they find themselves. Jesus’ command is so crystal clear that it admits neither of misunderstandings nor of excuses of any kind. Those who believe in his word are sent out along the roads of the world to proclaim that the salvation, which was promised has become a reality. The road of the new evangelization is marked out; we are called upon to renew the proclamation of Jesus Christ, of the mystery of his death and resurrection, to call forth once more faith in him through the conversion of life. If the proclamation of the new evangelization is not strong in presenting the element of mystery which surrounds human life and which relates us to the infinite mystery of the God of Jesus Christ, it will lack the effective power it needs to elicit the response of faith. ( Archbishop Rino Fisichella)