Helping the suffering – is a particular dimension of our apostolate, to perceive Christ in the most vulnerable, caring for the sick and preparing for departure from this world to meet the Lord. Here in a special way we experience the joy and hope, grief and anguish of the people of today as the joys and hopes, the grief and anguish of every Sister.

“Among those in greatest need, there are often people who, like the paralyzed man from the Gospel, have no one to help them. Following the example of St. Catherine and our Foundress who taught about Christ, but, also served the sick, distributed food to the hungry and the forsaken, sweetened by their presence in the last moments of the dying by persevering with them in prayer, the sisters will undertake the Christian works of mercy with joy and self-denial.” (Constitutions #78)

We bless you, Lord God most high, who lowered yourself for our sake. You are immense, and you made yourself small; you are rich and you made yourself poor; you are all-powerful and you made yourself vulnerable. (Pope Francis)