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Retreats for young men and women

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Invitation for Youths, Catholic men and women between 18 and 35 years old are cordially invited to take part in the “Weekend with Jesus” for the Hunger of God. This Retreat will be held at the Dominican Retreat Center, 9000 W. 81st. Street, Justice, IL. This retreat is designed to assist in self-discovery before God. […]

Rekolekcje dla Lekarzy

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Serdecznie zapraszamy Lekarzy na „Weekendowe Rekolekcje z Boskim Lekarzem”. Temat rekolekcji to: „Uzdrawiajaca Moc Wiary”. Rekolekcje odbędą się w dniach od 24-26 Marca w Dominikańskim Centrum Rekolekcyjnym w Justice,IL. 9000 W. 81st. Street. Rekolekcje prowadzi O. Konrad Ciechanowski, OCist. Zapraszamy do wykorzystania tej szansy na duchowe ożywienie i umocnienie.

Discernment Retreat

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God created us out of love and he calls us to love and to serve him in our brothers and sisters. Vocation is God’s initiative. He calls out of freedom. And this call of God demands from every individual attention (spirit of hearing and listening), freedom, openness, generosity, courage, obedience, commitment/responsibility and flexibility. The goal […]