Mother’s Day at Rosary Hill

Mother’s Day in the United States is annually held on the second Sunday of May but at Rosary Hill Home was celebrated today, May 4th.

Today, we would like to honor all Mothers, but especially those residents of ours, who are blessed with the most honorable dignity and title of a MOTHER. When I was thinking of what to say to you today, Sophie our Activity Director handed me a beautiful article titled ‘The Sacred Bond”  written by Kathryn G. Rosypal – I would like to share it with you today.                                                                                                                                                                        “Being a mother is a sacred bond between a woman and God.  He is entrusting her with His greatest of treasure – Life itself – and she is promising to dedicate her time, effort and energy to love and shape that “Gif of Life” into a child who will know, love and serve the Lord. There is no greater task in this world! What a profound duty and responsibility mothering is! – An all-consuming, no-turning-back commitment, lasting a whole lifetime, with no time off. God has total confidence in woman – KOWING that as a mother she will do whatever it takes to protect and nourish her child. He trusts that she will nurture her offspring in a heartfelt, loving environment and teach each little Soul in her care to seek goodness, love the Lord, and always do the next right thing. He relies on mothers, knowing they have extraordinary strength to take care of everyday responsibilities regardless of their own personal needs.  He knows she is capable of giving her child unconditional love, not contingent upon reciprocation or the fulfillment of her expectations.  He knows a Mother will keep her sacrifices silently locked in her heart, as she humbly fulfills the promise she made to God when their sacred bond was created. Mothers come in all shapes and sizes.  None are perfect – but each one is an essential part of God’s plan for our life.  Let us honor our mother on Mother’s Day as the extraordinary woman she really is!”   Let us, therefore, bow our heads and pray in the spirit of heartfelt gratitude:        

God, our Loving Father, we ask you to bless and reward our mothers. Through their examples, they have planted seeds of love and care in us. Through their stories and listening, they have taught us to open our hearts to others. Through their frequent prayers for us, they have taught us how to pray.  May the seeds of faith and care they have so lovingly planted in us, continue to prosper and grow. Heavenly Father, remember also the mothers who have gone to their rest. May they be eternally rewarded in God’s heavenly home of eternal peace and joy.  Amen.  May God bless and reward all mothers.!     

It was a beautiful celebration of motherhood and a time of appreciation. Take a look at the pics below

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