Spirituality of Our Congregation



The spirit that animates our Congregation is the spirit of truth. Consequently, in truth in thought, action, and attitude will characterize the sisters. Christ is Truth. It is the duty and privilege of the sisters to grow in the knowledge of Christ, the Highest Truth, and, having encountered Him, to trust Him completely, love Him ardently, and pattern their lives after His example. (Constitutions no. 8)


We come to know Christ first of all through faith. For this reason, sisters will exert every effort to acquire this foundation of the spiritual life: a faith strong and steadfast. Mindful of the words of St. Paul, “My just one shall live by faith” (Heb. 10:38), they will make the truths and precepts of the faith the fundamental norm of their conduct Their thoughts, desires, and manner of judging things will be grounded in faith. The stronger and livelier their faith will be, the more effective their contribution to the growth of the Church’s holiness and the more plentiful the fruits of their apostolate. (Constitutions no. 9)


A life of faith will reveal that nothing can be accomplished without God’s grace. Mindful of this, the sisters will seek profound humility before God and neighbor and will carry out their mission in the Church with great simplicity. An attitude full of humility and simplicity will predispose them to receive God’s grace and will open people’s hearts to accept the truth of the Gospel which the sisters bring to them. (Constitutions no. 10)


A spirit of penance and mortification also characterizes our Congregation. Therefore, all the sisters will renew their interior self unceasingly and put on Christ in order to discern better the will of God, to know “what is good, and pleasing to God, and perfect” (Rom. 12:2). The sisters will also accept all the circumstances of life in the spirit of penance and reparation to God for their own sins and for the sins of those to whom they are sent.

We are called to this by Christ himself as well as by our Foundress, who desired fervently that the Congregation be distinguished by a spirit of penance. We will remember that a life lived in truth and permeated by the spirit of faith and penance successfully draws others to fulfill eagerly the duties of the Christian vocation. (Constitutions no. 11)