Come and See Testimonies

 The Come and See was such a wonderful experience, I was so blessed that I could attend. The retreat got me thinking about my past and gave me a desire to begin to look deeper into discovering what God might be calling me to. Lindsay
I wanted to say thank you again for the retreat. All of the times and laughter and the talks with the sisters and the other girls are running through my mind constantly. I have new hope and positivity about becoming a sister. I had more fear and anxiety about it and now, I feel more peaceful and eager to give myself entirely to Jesus. I have been thinking a lot about being open to God’s will in religious life. It was a real blessing to work with the residents – life is so precious, all life is so precious. The first moment when I fed resident was very powerful and very real. It is hard to put it into words. I had never helped such a helpless person before. Please keep praying for me. Love, Sara
This is not my first “come & see” opportunity but it was definitely the best. We were able to learn so much about how life is lived in a convent and how these ladies lived out the vocation they were called to. We even got to play a little soccer. Sarah
I had a wonderful time with sisters and co-participants this week. I had a chance to see and experience more deeply the life in the convent and to discern my vocation. On Thursday God put in my heart the answer to questions regarding my vocation which I prayed for. He also put a stable and peaceful want of being a closed cloistered Carmelite. This is who I want to be (…). I just hope it is a true vocational call which I will give more time to test, but I will not hesitate too long. I leave it to God now. Anna
Christ took on the Dominican habit this week, not only in how I envision Him as I contemplate but also in the reality and the presence of these Sisters.
For as much as I find myself talking “about” VERITAS, it has touched me in such an intimate way this week. I look forward to going back to my studies at Aquinas Institute to continue to pursue the TRUTH with the light from this joyful experience.
This blessed and graced time spent with these beautiful women of God confirmed and deepened my love for the Dominican charism, spirituality, and family. Karen
First of all, I would like to thank you and your sisters for opening up your house to all of us, and allowing us to live with you and celebrate Jesus with all of you. Thank you all very much for sharing your life with us this past week.
I found the “Come and See” retreat to be very inspiring. I found my spirit “alive” during this experience. Practicing silence was a big help for me throughout the week. I have always believed that silence is actually “Love holding it’s breath…” Silence enables us to listen to LOVE speaking ever so to our hearts. Being in God’s house was very exciting, and I couldn’t sleep much of the time, because I couldn’t wait to get up the next day for prayers at 5:45 a.m. Following your schedule helped me to see first hand the life all of you live. Witnessing your life, I discovered that your community is truly Dominican: from the way you all pray, to the beautiful devotion you have to Christ in the Eucharist, to the practice of “preaching” through teaching, the giving of yourselves with acts of charity, all wrapped up in Dominican joy. My most cherished moments of the retreat were Mass and prayers. I really am very happy your community prays together. I loved praying with all of you the Divine Office. Being in the chapel was the most happiest times for me. It just seems to be the best place to be with Dominican Sisters! It was those chapel moments that I felt my soul “breathing” again!
I also discovered that I need to do a lot of praying and seek to find what it is that “covers my heart” as you so well put it. I loved it that you were able to tell me what I needed to hear, and not hold back. Knowing myself is vital for me to discover why I do what I do and where I am going in this life. It reminds me of something a very holy, Polish priest once told me. He said, “Man truly seeks to find great things, so he sets out into the depths of the ocean, and shoots rockets up to the highest reaches of space. But what man does not realize, is that what needs to be discovered is the great BEING Who dwells deep inside of him…THAT DISCOVERY of God is truly man’s greatest adventure!” The “Come and See” retreat provided me with the time and energy and graces to take this adventure, and truly find God’s Presence in my life, my past, my present and my future. It has filled me with great HOPE! God bless you dear sisters! Amelia
I came into this weekend being completely open and without expectations or reservations… what I received was a gift from God that I am still praising Him for. What struck me was the Sisters’ reverence for our Lord, their steadfast contemplation, dedicated love for those they serve and for one another, and loyalty to the Gospel and the Church — a blend of so much I have been searching for sometime. This is a very special community, and I experienced this in the little time I spent with the Sisters. I look forward to learning more about their love for Christ! Tina
I just want to say thank you for everything.  My time with you and everyone, the sisters, the elderly, and with God, for a week was just an enriching experience for me.  The talks we had about vocation really spoke to me and had allowed me to reflect on who I am and who it is I want to be in this world – a follower of Christ in all that I do.  I loved every moment we had in prayer, especially during adoration.  This whole experience was a great reminder of God’s great love for us all and really opened my heart to have the desire to express my love for God in return in everything that I do.  Since I’ve been back home I really feel the whole experience has brought me closer to God.  And for that I am truly grateful. Kathy


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