World Meeting of Families

We were there….

Pope Francis addressing the pilgrims at the Festival of Families mentioned that before creation, God was so overflowing with love that this love could not be contained, it needed to find expression – and this expression is the family. The family was created not as a mere afterthought, but a primary image of God’s abundant love. Pope Francis also mentioned that when the Son was born, he was not born into a palace, but into a family. Jesus was born into a humble family especially because the family was open to receive him.

The theme of the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia 2015 is “Love is Our Mission: The Family Fully Alive”. For the family to be fully alive, it needs to go back to its source, Love Himself! The family needs to receive this abundant love from the Divine Source in order for it to overflow and in turn be shared in society and throughout the world!

Let us pray that the fruits of the World Meeting of Families continue to ripple outside of our pilgrimage in Philadelphia, and into our local communities and throughout the world! May families be blessed as they strive to continuously receive the love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, so to witness and in turn give this divine love throughout the world.

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