Dominican Sisters,
Immaculate Conception Province

Welcome we are the Dominican Sisters, Immaculate Conception Province. Please feel free to explore, learn, grow, and feed your soul here on our website. You can get in touch or support our community in a variety of ways through these pages.

The sisters “should have no other aim than to work sincerely, even with great difficulty, to spread the Kingdom of God in souls.”
- Mother Kolumba Bialecka


Our Purpose

As part of the Dominican Order, the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Dominic accept as its purpose the proclamation of the truth of the Gospel to those in greatest need (Luke 4:18; 3:31). In this purpose, our Congregation reflects Christ who was sent to the poor and those in need. (Constitutions no. 4)

Depending on particular needs, our Congregation engages in:

• Teaching the truth of the Gospel
• Raising the level of education and culture
• Bringing aid to the suffering

So as to, in union with the Church in diverse circumstances, serve the people by helping them on their way to salvation in Catholic and missionary countries. (Constitutions n. 5)

Do you feel called to something more?

Religious life is a radical response of love to God who calls us. We say yes to God in religious life when we want to give ourselves unreservedly with total trust to Him without conditions. This is especially fulfilled through the vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience, whose exemplar is Christ Himself.

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Our mission is to aid the suffering, support those in need, spread the Gospel, and educate the future generations in virtue and in love. Our work isn't possible without the generosity and care of the surrounding community. That's why we would like to invite you to become a part of that community. Becoming a Friend of Dominic allows us to continue these good works, supports those in need, and allows us to better connect with all of you.

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