Celebrating Mother Kolumba, OP

Celebrating Mother Kolumba, OP

March 19, 2024

Today marks the 137th death anniversary of our Foundress, on the vigil of St. Joseph

Today we celebrate the 137th death anniversary of our Mother Foundress, Kolumba Białecka, who was a woman ahead of her time. Founding the Congregation at the sweet age of 23, she was chosen by Master General of the Order, Fr. Alexandre Vincent Jandel, OP, to spearhead the reform of the Third Order Dominicans in Poland. She suffered a lot of setbacks for her holy endeavors, carrying all burdens on top of the tuberculosis that beset her all throughout her young life, which she eventually succumbed to at the age of 49.

In the beginning, Mother sought to educate and catechize the children who were in the villages, and oftentimes shared in the manual labors of the elderly or anyone who needed physical help. Although preaching was reserved for the ordained at this time, Mother sent her Sisters to free the children from their farm work to be able to receive instructions from the other Sisters.

Eucharistic at heart, she sought permission to have the Blessed Sacrament in our convents and to have the Sisters receive Jesus in Communion more often, another innovation that she had which was uncommon during her time. Today we keep Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament daily as part of our life which she had begun.

Because of her, 163 years later, we Sisters have the privilege of sharing in her charism to proclaim the Gospel especially to those in most need, for the glory of God! Today is also a culmination of our Jericho Novena prayer, begging God for the gift of beatification of our Foundress, Venerable Mother Kolumba. Every house of our Congregation, from the 11th of March up to today, has been assigned a day of Adoration to plead to God for this gift of her beatification.

May God hear our prayers and may Mother Kolumba from heaven teach us how to follow God’s will with all ardor even in the midst of trials and sufferings.

Venerable Mother Kolumba, watch over us!

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