Support for Kristen

Support for Kristen

January 11, 2024

Help Kristen progress in her religious formation.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Dear beloved of God, as some of you know, we received our aspirant, Kristen, into the province this past November. It has been a joy for her and for us to grow in the love of God together. We continue to pray and hope for the deepening of Kristen's spiritual and religious formation. One thing blocks this progress, however, and that is Kristen's student loans. As of now, Kristen is welcomed into Aspirancy, but her entrance into the next stage of formation, Postulancy, is pending the elimination of her student loans. We hope for Kristen to enter into Postulancy, God-willing this May, however, if her student loans remain unpaid, she will continue to remain in Aspirancy until her loans are settled. In the meantime, she is fundraising and we are raising awareness. We ask you for your help and prayers for Kristen. If you feel called and moved to give to Kristen's cause, you may do so on her GoFundMe page: OR if you are more comfortable donating through us, you may also give here: and we will allocate the funds for her student loans. We thank you for your goodness. Know of our prayers for you! God bless

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