Welcome to Postulancy!

Welcome to Postulancy!

April 29, 2021

On the Feast of St. Catherine of Siena, we welcomed our newest member, Sr. Nichole, to Postulancy!

On the feast of St. Catherine of Siena, our spiritual mother, we welcomed Sister Nichole to postulancy! We thank God for the gift of her vocation! And we pray for her perseverance, that she continue to say yes to Jesus everyday!

The gift of vocation is truly a gratuitous offer from the Lord. He gives His Heart freely, and through religious life, though unworthy we may be, we hope to give ours freely in return. For love of Our Lord, we come and stay! May God continue to call women to this blessed life, and may those who perceive even an inkling of his whispers not refuse to say, "Here I am, Lord. I come to do your will!"

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